Bell Tenant Champions differ from typical commercial real estate representation. We are structured to represent your best interests and bring real value to your deal.

> The Bell Success Sharing model ensures mutual benefit by aligning our interests with yours. Our compensation shares both the commission and negotiated savings with the tenant. The more you save, the more we earn.

> Brokers typically represent both tenant and landlord, so properties they list pose a potential fiduciary conflict.

> They are obligated to tell the landlords they represent how much a tenant
or buyer is willing to pay, which
impairs their ability to negotiate
on your behalf.

> Clients enjoy working with us, as an astounding 83% of our customers have rehired us (based on deals completed).

> In a recent study by Watkins Research Group, only 3 out of 23 CRE providers had clients say they would recommend/rehire them. This 13% approval rating proves CRE groups
typically do not impress
their clients.

> Bell Tenant Champions work only for tenants and buyers.

> We are under no obligation to tell building owners what you are willing to pay.


> Brokers typically work for tenants, buyers and landlords.

> They are obligated to tell the landlords they represent how much a tenant or buyer is willing to pay, which eliminates their ability to negotiate on your behalf.

> We work collaboratively assigning the right expert to focus on each task: market studies, negotiation, financial modeling, and legal review.

> This specialized approach results in increased productivity and better performance.

> The typical CRE model employs independent 1099 contractors responsible for the entire process regardless of their strengths.

> They each set their own priorities, use their own methods and lack the advantage of consistency and collaboration.

> Our goal is to act as your Real Estate Department and provide strategic real estate solutions in support of your corporate strategy. We work to save you money and meet your goals
without pressuring you to
move your business.

> Brokers are typically paid on volume; their incentive is to complete the transaction and move on to the next deal as quickly as possible, leading to a churn-and-burn approach.